Corporate Training

Technology is rapidly changing and it is not always easy to keep up to speed with these changes. Change fuels the need to re-train and update the technical knowledge of an individual. As a company, it is very important to choose an appropriate Training Provider who understands training as well as your needs and has expertise in a variety of technologies.

We have extensive experience in delivering and facilitating training for SMEs to large multinational organisations. Along with our partners we have the capability to offer certified training for Cisco, Checkpoint, EMC, F5, IBM, Juniper, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, VMware and many other courses. Our belief is that our experience coupled with excellent customer service and the ability to listen and understand your business and its needs makes us the favourable choice to become your IT Training provider. We understand that client’s requirements are varying; hence we offer a solution that is customised to your needs and delivered within time. We make sure our technical training creates business value for organisations and help an individual to achieve their technical goals.

Once you have booked your course with Monique Training, you are assured of at least the following:

  • Certified and experienced trainers
  • Courseware
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Appropriate lab devices
  • Post course guidance for exam preparation

Monique – Learning Services

For companies, we provide a unique Learning Service. Our services are not only aimed at reducing your administrative work and making arrangements for your required training at discounted rates, it is much more than that. Our team of technology experts work very closely with line mangers of each department of your company to identify the training needs which can help fulfil your business objectives. Once training needs are identified, we will then recommend appropriate courses which can fulfil your training needs. Our administrative team will be on hand to efficiently manage the operational aspects of the training.

Our systems, focused efficiencies, economies of scale and comprehensive training delivery solutions enable us to offer clients high quality learning solutions at the best value in the industry.

  • Experts of relevant technology platform to help you to identify your technical needs
  • Learning consultants to suggest suitable courses
  • Administrative team to overlook efficient delivery of Training


  • Avoid spending on inappropriate training which doesn’t meet business objective
  • Avoid overspending
  • Reduce administrative overhead from your admin team – we do it all
  • Single process for sourcing, validating, procuring, administrating and evaluating all your training with measurable service levels
  • Reduced overall cost